- 2/14/2020

We want to make your day even more special by offering you some "sweet" deals on your automotive maintenance – and remind you that gift cards make an excellent gift for your loved ones.

At this time of year, we like to remind our customers about our fuel system cleaning service, which should be done annually.  If it's been awhile since you've looked into it, there's no time like now when you can SAVE $15!

Dirt, corrosion and carbon deposits restrict the flow of air and fuel to your engine.  These problems result in hard-starting, rough idling, loss of power, poor fuel economy, increased emissions and knocking.

We recommend this annual service because our fuel system cleaning completely cleans the entire fuel system including the fuel lines, fuel injectors, intake valves, combustion chambers, throttle body plate and valves.  The service will result in maximum performance, easy starting, smooth idling, increased power, maximum fuel economy and minimum emissions.

Have you ever wondered why it's so important to get an oil change?

Over time, dirt can cause corrosion and decrease the life of your engine. Routine oil and filter changes help remove particles and sludge and keep engines running at peak condition. An oil change also improves your gas mileage.

Most vehicle reports indicate the type of oil that is best for your engine. One of our Team CAMC Technicians will be happy to review those manufacturer recommendations with you so that we can make sure you're getting the best lubricant for your specific vehicle.

And, how nice that this month you can save $10 OFF your oil change!

What purpose does my cabin air filter serve?

The air we breathe is not as clean as most of us would like, but the air in our vehicles doesn't have to be when you have your cabin air filter changed regularly!  Allow one of our trained technicians can show you what the air in your vehicle is like.  You could be very surprised! 

We recommend a new HEPA filter that is positively-charged to actively pull dust, mold and allergens out of the air you breathe while you're in your vehicle. Plus, you'll SAVE $5!!

Remember to check your tires!

Worn tires are dangerous in winter weather.  You should rotate as recommended by the manufacturer. Under-inflated tires make your engine work harder and use excess gas.  Luckily, your Team CAMC shop can take care of this for you. 

We will check the tire pressure and condition of your tires for you even without an oil change. But, if we recommend a tire rotation based on your mileage and the condition of your tires, this month, you'll SAVE $5 on a tire rotation when purchased with an oil change or other maintenance service.

We wish you a month of things that make you happy and doing what you love this February.  May all you days be SWEET!

We want to be your "go-to" maintenance center and with five convenient locations surrounding metro Detroit, we're sure to have one located near you.  We look forward to serving you.